Our Story

Where should one go to if they're searching for the perfect gift?

Customers remember when we opened 30 years ago. The Paper Patisserie continues to be widely known in the Twin Cities for its unique and varied offerings. Included are: fine papers, journals, guest books, stationery, gift wrap, and fill-in invitations. 

A must for gift and personal shopping: gorgeous jewelry, European soaps and lotions, and the best selection of greeting cards (many of them handmade by local artists)!

Enjoy personalized service and an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of the stores that occupied Selby Avenue in the early 1900's. 

There is more.... we also sell handmade chocolate truffles! 

The Paper

A stunning array of paper goods from Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

  • Gift wrap by the sheet (some pieces even lend themselves to framing)
  • Japanese Handmade Paper
  • Original Prints
  • Silkscreened and Letterpress Cards
  • Journals and Sketchbooks
  • Paper Napkins and Plates
  • Japanese Peace Cranes
  • ... and much more in paper products