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 NEW Paintings By Alvaro Cardona-Hine

Having lived in St. Paul for 11 years, Alvaro Cardona-Hine and his wife, Barbara McCauley, moved to a small village in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico.  Besides having been a well-published writer and poet since his teens, Cardona-Hine took up painting in his early 40’s and has continued to this day.  He and Barbara opened their own art gallery to display his and others’ art.  Twenty-eight years later his work is in collections on 5 continents and his reputation as a painter has grown internationally.  His bird paintings delight viewers from all over the world.

Let him give you the story behind the paintings:

"You know that when my mother was dying, in 1990, in New Rochelle, at my sister’s house, I was there.  Waiting for death isn’t easy; I went to my sister’s garage and started to paint birds beseeching the heavens for mercy, for her condition was painful and I wanted her to find rest at last.  Months later, the birds began to grow mellow and it felt as if my mother was acknowledging the help I had attempted to provide during those terrible endless days she had gone through.  Birds became her gift to me and mine to those who cared for them; not the realistic types but birds functioning as humans, with our foibles.  I have painted hundreds by now."

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